16th The Future of Surgery:”The Forefront of Domestic Microsurgical Robot Development ―A future in which many patients can easily undergo microsurgery―”

Welcome to the Next-Generation Supermicrosurgery Consortium. Headed by Dr. Isao Koshima, the Consortium was established to advance and promote the field of supermicrosurgery, from both clinical and industrial perspectives. MIRAI Medtech is a funding support partner.Since 2020, the Consortium have been holding regularly scheduled Virtual Conferences in Japan. Experts in medicine and engineering are invited to discuss cutting-edge medical treatments and technologies with one another, by challenging the paradigm separating specialties. Our conferences typically host about fifty individuals. Participants are surgeons and clinicians, researchers, and device engineers. We also encourage and welcome participation by manufacturers and dealers of medical devices. During 2021, the Next-Generation Supermicrosurgery Consortium started English-based virtual events for international participants.

The Future of Surgery

16th The Future of Surgery:”The Forefront of Domestic Microsurgical Robot Development ―A future in which many patients can easily undergo microsurgery―”


July 16th, 2024, 18:00 – 20:00 (JST)


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When humans perform delicate tasks, their hands naturally tremble. Surgeons who specialize in microsurgery have spent considerable time mastering the high level of skill required to control this tremor and manipulate fine needles and threads using a microscope.
In 2016, Professor Kadota and his team at Kyushu University initiated a project to develop a “robotic system to support microsurgery for facilitating the anastomosis of 1mm diameter blood vessels” and began its development. Aiming to eliminate hand tremors to the greatest extent possible while replicating the surgeon’s movements, their development efforts led to the successful anastomosis of a 2mm artificial blood vessel with the first prototype in 2019. In October of last year, they succeeded in anastomosing a 0.5mm artificial blood vessel, and eight years after the initial project began, they are now developing the third prototype, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year. In this lecture, I will discuss the global situation surrounding the dedicated vascular anastomosis robot.

In Professor Isao Koshima’s opening lecture, the focus will be on topics such as lymphatic vessel transplantation, photoacoustic imaging lymphatic perforator mapping, lymphedema, and objective evaluation using bioimpedance. The latest research findings and clinical applications in these areas will be presented.

After the lecture, the panel discussion with the speakers will feature Dr. Makoto Mihara and Dr. Hisako Hara, who are involved in the research and development of the Sony Microsurgery Robot, as well as Dr. Alexandru Nistor, who is participating in the research and development of the Symani Surgical System by MMI, as panelists. Please be sure to tune in.

Speakers :

“Next Generation Microsurgery Created by a Robot Dedicated to Anastomosis of Blood Vessels”

Dr.Hideki Kadota MD, PhD

Clinical Professor
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
Kyushu University Hospital

“The latest insights on super microsurgery” ”

Dr. Isao Koshima MD, PhD

Professor and Center Chief,
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
International Center for Lymphedema,
Hiroshima University Hospital

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